Discussion 3: Violence and Suffering

So I’m not really against violence. Sorry.

I’m not advocating acts of violence. Well, unless by ‘advocating’ you take the all – too – common view that you are arguing in favor of something simply by discussing it. We are a little too likely to equate interest and understanding of a subject with a personal approval of that subject. That is bad news for all the scholars who study the Third Reich, or cancer, or anything broadly considered to be unpleasant.

And I am definitely not in favor of causing suffering. In fact, I think that dedication oneself to the alleviation and prevention of suffering is possibly the single noblest thing that anyone can do with their lives.

But there is a serious danger in aligning yourself against ‘violence’, against the passionate motivating vitality that seeks to change the world more to their liking through an exertion of force. We have praised the creation side of creation versus destruction that we have nearly convinced ourselves that we can get away with only creating. And guess what? We have created a bit too much. We are running out of room for all the crap that we have created. A little extra destruction should be understood and supported — you just have to consider the details, and be careful about how much you enjoy it.

The world was built upon subtle acts of violence. No matter how you look at it the to be violent is not always a bad thing. We operate on a platform that without violence this world would be a great place & that may be true for some violence. To truly believe that is to be ignorant to the truth. The truth is that with every fire that burns down thousands of acres of wooded area there are plants that are only able to blossom or propitiate their species after such destruction. With every violent winter storm we experience one of the most valuable commodities on the planet, water, is spread through the heart of our country. There can be no mistaking the fact that in many cases violence is the only way.
Every single time we debate the direction our country is going. Every time we vote in order to decide who our next political leader will be. Every time we call the S.W.A.T. team out & they handle the situation without any casualties, it is made possible through force & nothing else. Violence has always helped to direct the human race & it will continue to in the future. The thing we must concern ourselves with is the purposeful misuse of violence to further one’s own agenda. We have also seen this through the ages & it has served to diminish the entire fabric of society.

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