Discussion 2: Bullshit

There are simple arguments and complex arguments, and most of us spend our time somewhere near the lower end of the middle. Most of us base our reasoning on ‘common sense’, plus a side order of facts — usually when they are convenient, well – known, and easy to interpret.

So we have a deep – seated esteem for common sense, as opposed to book learnin’. I’m not just talking about simple country folk, neither… I’m talking about all of us. We have all internalized countless generations of myths praising someone because they do not know much of anything. Whether you are talking about the noble savage or the tribal wise – woman, the idiot savant or “the mouths of babes”, we are just so ready to believe in anyone who seems so authentically devoid of reason that whatever they say must be true.

And let’s be frank, the world is full of inaccuracies and one would not be too far wrong to declare the whole thing a fake, even when reality looms – perhaps especially when reality looms. And certainly most of us do not take kindly to solutions we do not understand. We like to use complex tools like Google and see them as simple, easy to understand items even when they are not. For example in our Google example, websites rank because of robust corporate and enterprise seo, not because of luck, yet many consider their website’s ranks to be “too technical” and therefore suspect.

One of the big problems is something that I am sure most of us do not want to hear: we are just not quite as bright as we like to think. People are constantly struggling to convince themselves that they are just fine the way they are; if you tell them something that they do not understand right away, you are threatening that person’s entire self – image. It is so much more satisfying to believe that anything that you don’t know simply must be bullshit.

This is the case all to often. many people are only ignorant because of their own lack of willingness to be educated. It used to be, for a time, that ignorance was an acceptable behavior which excused a lot but in this age & in this country, there is really no excuse for an individual to remain ignorant other than out of pure laziness or negligence. There are too many ways that someone can be educated. There is a free education waiting for anyone who wishes to take it as a child. Those who would argue that system is broken are wrong. Any child who wishes to gain an education through our system can. The only need apply themselves & work hard to obtain the intelligence they need.

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